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African American commitment disparities, 2013. The blackwhite racial disparity in commitment is calculated by comparing the rate of African American commitments (the frequency of committed African American juveniles divided by the total number of African American juveniles) to the rate of white juveniles commitments.Apr 10, 2014  Troubling Statistics For AfricanAmerican Males In The Classroom. PBS reports only 54 of African Americans graduate from high school, compared to more than 75 of their Caucasian and Asian American peers. Black male students in grades K12 were nearly 2. 5 times more likely to be suspended from school in 2000 as white students, african american youth crime statistics

Evidence suggests that Black youth ages 12 to 19 are victims of violent crime at significantly higher rates than their white peers. 4 Black youth are three times more likely to be victims of reported child abuse or neglect, three times more likely to be victims of robbery, 5 and five times more likely to be victims of homicide. 6 In fact, homicide is the leading cause of death among African American youth ages 15 to

Nov 27, 2014  Crime rates among the african american population have everything to do with poverty and low educational attainment which leads to low opportunity. it has very little to Similar statistics were released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the Uniform Crime Reports. They determined, In the year 2008, black youths, who make up 16 of the youth population, accounted for 52 of juvenile violent crime arrests, including 58 for homicide and 67 for robbery. By contrast, the only categories where whiteafrican american youth crime statistics 63 of youth suicides are from fatherless homes (US Dept. Of HealthCensus) 5 times the average. 90 of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes 32 times the average. 85 of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes 20 times the average. (Center for Disease Control) 80

Compared to the national average, the homicide rate was 54 lower for whites, 14 lower for Hispanics, and 267 higher for blacks. Put another way, the homicide rate among AfricanAmericans is nearly quadruple that of the national average. Last year, President Obama highlighted the importance of african american youth crime statistics American Indians and Crime Bureau of Justice Statistics Average annual number of violent victimizations per 1, 000 persons age 12 or older, The rate for American Indians (124 violent crimes per 1, 000 American Indians) was more than twice the rate for the Nation (50 per 1, 000 persons) Number of violent victimizations per Homicide. The offending rate for African Americans was almost 8 times higher than European Americans, and the victim rate 6 times higher. Most homicides were intraracial, with 84 of European Americans victims killed by European Americans, and 93 of African Americans victims were killed by African Americans. May 02, 2000 Despite a welcome decline in violent Crime rates nationwide, AfricanAmerican males are still dying from criminal homicides at an alarming rate. According to statistics from the Federal Bureau of Sep 12, 2017 Despite longterm declines in youth incarceration, the disparity at which black and white youth are held in juvenile facilities has grown. As of 2015, African American youth were five times as likely as white youth to be detained or committed to youth facilities.

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