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Apr 13, 2019 Support for Elephants in 13 Countries Across 3 Continents. IEF announced their support for 24 conservation projects in 13 countries spanning 3 continents, adding to the over 5. 5 million in direct conservation funding since its founding.Elephants are friendly. Much like humans, they are social creatures that live in small family groups that usually consist of an older matriarch and several generations of female relatives. Males are typically solitary once matured but may live in small groups of three or four bulls. african elephant support groups

The mission of the IUCNSSC African Elephant Specialist Group is to promote the longterm conservation of Africa's elephants throughout their range.

The African Elephant Specialist Group (AfESG) is a group of technical experts focusing on the conservation and management of African elephants. The broad aim of the AfESG is to promote the longterm conservation of Africa's elephants and, where possible, Elephant Organizations Here are links to some of the elephant conservation organizations around the world. Well be adding to this list regularly and please contact us if you have suggestions.african elephant support groups Feb 13, 2017 'What can I do to help elephants? ' support for policy that will protect elephants. Groups in over 130 to people in the US about everything to do with the African elephant. It partnered

Forest elephants, a distinct subspecies of African elephants, are uniquely adapted to the forest habitat of the Congo Basin, but are in sharp decline due to poaching for the international ivory trade. It is estimated that probably one quarter to one third of the total African elephant population is made up of forest elephants. african elephant support groups Elephants are highly intelligent, sensitive, and social beings. Elephants are among the worlds most intelligent, sensitive and social animals, possessing both empathy and family values. They live in close family groups that over the years have been torn apart by an epidemic of poaching across Africa that is fuelled by a growing demand for ivory.

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