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How can the answer be improved?Eastern African Names. Possibly means he who inspires awe in Amharic. This name was borne by Lij Tafari Makonnen ( ), also known as Haile Selassie, the last emperor of Ethiopia. Rastafarians ( Ras Tafari meaning king Tafari ) revere him as the earthly incarnation of east african tribes names

Possibly Africas most famous ethnic group, the Maasai people are seminomadic people located primarily in Kenya and Northern Tanzania. They are considered to be part of the Nilotic family of African tribes, just like the Schilluk from Sudan and the Acholi from Uganda. According to their own oral history the Masai people originated in the Nile Valley in Northern Africa and migrated south

One of the dominant languages among the southern East African tribes is Swahili, a NigerCongo language. Other Bantu languages spoken among the East African tribes include Chichewa, Gikuyu (or Kikuyu), and Luhya. The Khosian language family is represented by the Sandawe and Hadza tribes of 26 rows The ethnic groups of Africa number in the thousands, with each population generally having its own language (or dialect of a language) and culture. The ethnolinguistic groups include various Afroasiatic, Khoisan, NigerCongo and NiloSaharan populations. . The official population count of the various ethnic groups in Africa is highly uncertain, both due to limited infrastructure to performeast african tribes names Collecting and Selling African Art in New York from private Dealer, Shawn Moore

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