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Many African animal masks symbolize both animals and spiritual stories. Mask making as a craft passes from father to sun, and the meanings, usually oral, are passed down as well. African masks have made an immense impact on the art world of the west thanks to the work of cubists, with Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon being a prime example.Sep 09, 2013 Modroc is a plaster impregnated bandage used to create 3 dimensional art work. To create a mask using a balloon as the base, Modroc is used to first cover the surface of a blown up balloon. modroc african masks

Traditional African masks are one of the elements of great African art that have most evidently influenced Europe and Western art in general; in the 20th century, artistic movements such as cubism, fauvism and expressionism have often taken inspiration from vast and diverse heritage of African masks.

Apr 03, 2006  How to Make a Plaster Mask. Whether you're headed to a masquerade party, making a costume for a play, or preparing for trickortreating, a plaster mask is a fun and inexpensive costume option. With the right Everyone made animal masks with modroc, then they were stuck together to make a totem pole. St James CE School, Dudley. Everyone made animal masks with modroc, then they were stuck together to make a totem pole. See moremodroc african masks freehand draw the shieldmask shape on a large piece of cardboard. Cut it out. Cut out eye holes. At this point you can just glue all of your pieces together. OR, you can paper mache the project. The Paper Mache will make the craft MUCH sturdier. It is the method we chose. paper mache (2 layers) the shield and all of the face pieces.

History of Traditional African Masks. Mask is worn by a dancer that then becomes bearer of the spirit of the mask, a sort of a medium between the tribe and a spirit. This trancelike state is accomplished with a specific music and a dance. Ceremonies as weddings, initiation rites and funerals have a masked dance. modroc african masks Interesting Facts About African Masks. People who are allowed to wear masks are only a select few from the tribe in question. It is a thing of honour and most of the time, only men or elders in the tribe are given the honour. Masks are made out of wood, metals (bronze and copper), fabric, stone and some others. Making a Carnival Mask out of Cardboard, Modroc and Mixed Media. You will need stiff, but malleable cardboard, withies or sticks, modroc, paint and optional decorative elements. For sticking you will need masking tape, P. V. A. glue, wire and staples. You will need scissors, craft knives and mat (optional)and a What to do. 4. Cover forehead, around the eyes, over the nose, cheeks, around your mouth and finally the chin. (For a small masquerade mask, just shape around the eyes and over the nose) 5. Once you have completed one layer, recover the whole mask two more times African Design African Art Projects African Art For Kids African Crafts Mask For Kids African Culture Africa Art Masks Art African Masks purposes of masks, African art, and the meaning behind some of the symbolsdesigns commonly used in African art. make the point that African

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