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Calabar chalk, also known as calabar stone, is a type of chalk sold in traditional stores and markets. It comes in a variety of forms from powders, moulded shapes, and blocks. It occurs naturally and it is simply chopped into small blocks, produced from clay and mud. It may be mixed with other ingredients, including woodash and, sometimes, salt. It is traditionally used by women in Cameroon, Nigeria and WestJun 17, 2011 One geophagic material is Calabash chalk, which is popularly consumed by members of Nigerian and West African communities for pleasure and by pregnant women as a remedy for morning sickness (3, 4). Calabash chalk, also known as Calabar stone, Poto, La craie, Argiles, Mabele, Nzu, and Ndom, is available in a variety of forms including powder, moulded shapes, and blocks. african calabar chalk

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Benefits of eating calabar chalk. The practice is common in subSaharan Africa, and many anthropologists believe it was brought to the United States by African slaves. It is now most commonly found among AfricanAmerican women in the rural South. Forrester interviewed several women who admitted to craving the taste of white dirt, Looking for authentic and natural African Clay, nothing added, then look no further. African Clay is also calledafrican calabar chalk We sell natural& authentic African Clay aka Calabash Clay Calabar Chalk Nzu Ndom Ulo Ebumba Ayilor calabaa chalk white kaolin clay

Shop for Calabar Chalk We are compiling a list of places where you can buy Authentic Kaolin Clay from. If you know of other places besides the one mentioned here, please let us know in the comment box. african calabar chalk Jul 09, 2013  CALABAR, HER PEOPLE AND HER CULTURAL HERITAGE. CALABAR is a city in the Cross River State, southern part of Nigeria. The original town was known as Atakpa from the Jukun words Ata and Akpa. The spelling Calabar remained till Calabash chalk is found predominantly in Nigeria and other West African communities. Although this geophagic material is native to Africa, as a result of migration of West African's to other nations, it can also be found in ethnic stores in the UK, Canada and the US. Nov 16, 2015 Calabar Chalk by Choice which is from Ivory Coast (Title Calabar Chalk Calabash Chalk from Ivory Coast) Link Http: Bit. ly1NzkLIy Natural, nothing added, no salt 3. Calabash chalk is a geophagic material popularly consumed in West African countries for pleasure, and by pregnant women as a cure for nausea. Geophagia is the practice of eating the earth, including soil and chalk.

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