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Central African Food. FuFu is a staple of Central African cooking thats made from boiling root vegetables such as cassava. This thick paste is served with grilled meat and sauces. Cassava also is prepared as cooked greens. Chilis are a popular spice and were introducedChermoula Sauce and Fish. Chermoula Sauce and Fish Recipe type: Entree Chermoula Sauce is a Moroccan sauce recipe served over fish. Ingredients 3 lbs fish fillets 4 potatoes, roasted and sliced 2 green peppers, sliced and sauted 2 tomatoes, sliced salt and pepper, to traditional central african food recipes

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The Central African Republic cuisine is quite unique and has started to be more and more popular world wide. The main ingredients of this cuisine are the plantains and the cassava. There are a lot of starchy foods, which are usually prepared from fermented cassava roots that are served in Central Africa together with meat and sauces. Jan 31, 2011 As peanut is a major ingredient in central African dishes recipes, it is used in traditional desserts also. Bambara, a traditional dessert, it is made from rice, porridge and sugar. If you are visiting Central Africa make sure you try out the fried plantains.traditional central african food recipes

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