East african rift valley from space

2019-12-05 14:42

The East African Rift is one of the great tectonic features of Africa, caused by fracturing of the Earths crust. This astronaut photograph of the Eastern Branch of the Rift (near Kenyas southern border) highlights the classical geologic structures associated with a tectonic rift valley.Apr 05, 2018  The Rift Valley In northwestern Kenya, in the East African Rift Valley, there is a volcanic area south of Lake Turkana. The Earth's crust is broken into a number of plates that sometimes glide east african rift valley from space

Apr 02, 2012  An astronaut aboard the International Space Station snapped this photo of the East African Rift, the spot where Earth's crust is ripping apart and where a

East African Rift Valley in Kenya. ISS030E (14 Jan. 2012) The East African Rift Valley in Kenya is featured in this image photographed by an Expedition 30 crew member on the International Space The Great Rift Valley is a name given to the continuous geographical trench, about 6, 000 kilometres (3, 700 mi) in length, that runs from northern Syria in Southwest Asia to central Mozambique in East Africa. The rift is bordered by a series of mountains and active volcanoes. Iteast african rift valley from space Major structural features and lakes of East African Rift System. White lines represent the generalised locations of the main bounding faults of the rift grabens. NESW trending Karoo grabens represent the Early Permian to Early Jurassic phase of rifting, such as the Luangwa Valley and Ruhuhu Graben.

The East African Rift System (EARS) is one the geologic wonders of the world, a place where the earth's tectonic forces are presently trying to create new plates by splitting apart old ones. In simple terms, a rift can be thought of as a fracture in the earth's surface that widens over time, or more east african rift valley from space

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