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By choosing South Africangrown rooibos tea, youre also helping support thousands of families for generations to come. Rooibos Rock is proudly South African, and salutes our great rooibos teaRooibos (Aspalathus linearis) is a shrubby legume indigenous to the mountains of the Western Cape and endemic to South Africa. It grows up to 1, 5 m in height and has multiple thin branches with bright green, needlelike leaves. rooibos tea proudly south african

Rooibos Tea is a member of the South African Fynbos Family. It is usually grown in the Cederberg, a mountainous area in the Western Cape province of South Africa. The leaves of the plant is used to make herbal tea or rooibos tea and people all over the world now enjoy it.

Iconic Rooibos becomes Proudly South African Rooibos Ltd is now officially a Proudly South African member company. Says Proudly SA CEO Eustace Mashimbye, Having such a classic South African brand as part of the Buy local campaign is very significant for us . Rooibos tea has become a popular choice among a variety of herbal teas around the world. According to a report on the South African Rooibos tea market value chain, South Africa is the only exporter of Rooibos tea in Africa and exports approximately more than 6000 tons per year.rooibos tea proudly south african The French have the sole rights to Champaign, the Chinese brand every product they assemble, so it was only natural for us to exercise our own Intellectual Property rights and claim Rooibos tea as a proudly South African product. Rooibos is a form of bush tea, the leaves are oxidized thus releasing a reddishbrown color. The tea can be serve with or without milk and has many healthy benefits to it, this

Mar 09, 2018  Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) is indigenous to the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa about 3 hours north of Cape Town. Despite efforts, rooibos still only grows in its homeland, South Africa. Despite efforts, rooibos still only grows in its homeland, South Africa. rooibos tea proudly south african How can the answer be improved?

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