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Dance Africa Fest PO Box, Austin, Texas Rated 5 based on 4 Reviews As a dance educator, Dance Africa Fest is a special moment to joinPack Details Title: West African Dance Vol 2: Kassa, Yamama, Sint, Soli, Soko Description: This pack contains five dances from different regions of West Africa. If you are dancer who feels you could grow in the areas of groundedness, earthiness, arm movement, hand movement, head movement, full body coordinated movement, letting go completely, and solo movement and expression in general soko african dance information

The Sokodae: A West African Dance. The complexity, richness and diversity of todays world, plus an unprecedented fund of available information in every field of human endeavour, produces fascinating areas of study, particularly in the social and behavioural sciences.

and games with African dances and rhythms helps viewers to see the continuity between African rhythms and cultures and those of the African Diaspora. This helps to create an even more tangible experience for people because familiarity can create oneness. Soko. A rite of passage dance for men. The women dance in honor of the transition that West African Dance Mande dancing Here's Mory Traore demonstrates a step from Soko, For those who don't have access to a teacher and don't want to travel to West Africa, there are a number of dancing instructional DVDs available and it is possible to learn traditional dances from these.soko african dance information Facts about African Dance 9: Yabara. To respect to the visitors, a dance of welcome is performed. One of the best examples is Yabar dance. Facts about African Dance 10: Adumu. Eunoto is the coming of age of ceremony for the warriors in a tribe. To make the coming of the age, a Maasai dance will be performed.

West African Dance. Description. West African Dance flashcards. Total Cards. 77. Subject. Other. Level. Not Applicable. Created. . Where does Soko come from? Definition. The Komanko people in the Faranah region of Guinea. Term. Which dance gets it's name from a soko african dance information

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