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2020-01-19 10:17

Some municipalities add pHraising chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, because high alkaline water is less corrosive to lead solder and copper plumbing. For African Cichlid enthusiasts, higher pH right out of the tap is a bonus!This hard water from hell can be a blessing if you want to keep African cichlids from lake Tanganyika (hardest water in the rift lake system). These are some of the most amazing fresh water fish I've ever owned. They can be as colourful as marine fish, without all the fuss. well water african cichlids

I have a problem introducing new Mbuna Cichlids into my tank. I have well water that is very hard (400ppm) with a high PH (8. 6). I know this is perfect for these fish but when I take them home from the store and put them into the tank they die within a day or two.

Mar 17, 2016  Water Requirements. All African Cichlids should be kept in water with a pH of, a water hardness from 1020 dH, and a temperature between 7782F. The actual ranges of the African Rift Lakes are: Lake Tanganyika. Lake Malawi. Lake Victoria May 30, 2012  African Cichlids water parameters is, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels need to remain at a constant, undetectable reading when you do water tests. Feel free to take in the following link after enjoying, African Cichlids aquarium water parameters. Feel free to leave a comment with your experience on this topic.well water african cichlids

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