How to undo african braids

2020-01-23 11:54

Oct 05, 2017 how to safely remove buildup from braids& detangle hair removing knots after braids or twist How To Take Out Braid or Twist Extensions Safely Without Damaging How to Remove BraidsMay 14, 2015  Steps to follow when undoing braids Shampoo and condition braids a day before undoing them to help loosen the hair and add moisture. Use a head wrap to lock the moisture in. Spray any hair product of your choice to the root of the hair to loosen Cut the braid how to undo african braids

Jul 26, 2012  Slip is essential especially at the ends of twists or braids. Use whatever is your favourite product which will allow your hair to feel slippery and let strands glide past each other. This can be oil, leave in conditioner, diluted rinse out conditioner, spray

May 23, 2019 Once all the extension ends are cut away, it's time to unbraid them. Working in sections helps to make this task less overwhelming. Divide your hair into 48 sections, and work one section at a time. Begin at the bottom of each braid and work your way up, using your fingers to unravel and detangle as much as possible. how to undo african braids

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