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This enormous collection of African American newspapers contains a wealth of information about cultural life and history during the 1800s and is rich with firsthand reports of the major events and issues of the day, including the Mexican War, Presidential and Congressional addresses, Congressional abstracts, business and commodity markets, the humanities, world travel and religion.African Americans African American life during the Great Depression and the New Deal: The Great Depression of the 1930s worsened the already bleak economic situation of African Americans. They were the first to be laid off from their jobs, and they suffered from an african american newspapers 1930s

One of the most nationally circulated Black newspapers, the Pittsburgh Courier reached its peak in the 1930s. A conservative voice in the AfricanAmerican community, the Pittsburgh Courier challenged the misrepresentation of AfricanAmericans in the national media and advocated social reforms to advance the cause of civil rights.

Apr 18, 2015 QOTD# 45 African American newspapers in the 1930s faced ma. Unfortunately, it also made the selling price of Black papers much higher than that of generalcirculation dailies. Often as much as twothirds of publication costs had to come from subscribers or subsidies from community politicians and other interest groups. AfricanAmerican newspapers are newspapers in the United States serving AfricanAmerican communities. Samuel Cornish and John Brown Russwurm started the first AfricanAmerican periodical called Freedom's Journal in 1827. During the antebellum South, other AfricanAmerican newspapers sprang forth, such as The North Star founded by Frederick Douglass. . As African Americans moved toafrican american newspapers 1930s May 23, 2019 Femi Lewis is a writer and history and literature teacher who specializes in AfricanAmerican history. Updated May 23, 2019 Despite enduring the Great Depression and Jim Crow laws, throughout the decade of 1930, AfricanAmericans continued to make great strides in the areas of sports, education, visual artistry and music.

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