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Why do athletes of African ancestry dominate running? Whereas the West African population evolved in the lowlands, East Africans (who are relatively slow sprinters but the world's best distance runners) trace their ancestry to mountainous terrain. Kenya, with 28 million people, is the powerhouse.Apr 17, 2012 How an ethnic minority that makes up 0. 06 of the world's population came to dominate most of its longdistance races. runners, and on successful African athletes in general, is complicated by west african distance runners

Aug 06, 2010 Put East African running into a search engine and you'll get thousands of results exploring the question of what makes these long distance runners so good. Everyone is searching for the secret explanation so what does the research evidence point to? There is not one simple answer but here are my thoughts.

Aug 12, 2012 Yet West African descended runners are laggards at the longer races. Remarkably, the story of East African runners is the mirror image of the West African success story. Aug 12, 2016  There is some evidence that the typical body type of East African distance runners with long, slender legs may contribute to an increased efficiency in these athletes, particularly at racewest african distance runners Nov 17, 2011  Can anyone explain why West Africans dominate in SprintsFootball whilst East Africans dominate in long distance running such as Marathons. I have NEVER come accross an East African football team, all African football teams seem to come from NorthWest or South AFricans. Many AFrican sprinters are also West Africans but their are NO West African Marathon runners, NONE

Nicknamed The Flying Finn, Finnish athlete Paavo Nurmi was the greatest long distance runner of the early 20th century, and one of the most famous long distance runners of all time. Setting a whopping total of 22 world records across distances ranging from 1500 m to 20 km, Nurmi dominated in his field of athletics throughout his career. west african distance runners Nov 07, 2011 Why do Africans dominate marathons? By. David A. Love the sprinting prowess of West Africans, and the advantage that northern Africans have in middle distance running. And for East African May 20, 2014  The current dominance of African runners in longdistance running is an intriguing phenomenon that highlights the close relationship between genetics and physical performance. Many factors in the interesting interaction between genotype and Nov 01, 2013  How One Kenyan Tribe Produces The World's Best Runners: Parallels The Kalenjin people dominate the world of longdistance running, and it Over longer distances, the African nations dominate. In the Olympic Marathons, youd have to go back to 1992 to find a podium with no male or female African runners (Note: The Silver medalist in the Mens Marathon in 2004 ran as an American, but was born in Africa and whose family fled to escape war).

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