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Most cases of domestic violence and sexual abuse in South Africa go unreported. According to the South African Medical Research Council (MRC) more women are killed by their partner or exThe Southern African Legal Information Institute publishes legal information for free public access which comprises mainly of case law from South Africa. SAFLII also hosts legal materials from other countries in the region which are obtained through partnerships, collaborative efforts and more recently through linking to other Legal Information south african unreported cases

The South African Human Rights Commission reports in its Annual International Reports on South Africas compliance with each of the core human rights treaties during the period under review, in terms of policy, noteworthy legal cases, and social and political developments.

The best way to find a case is to use Find that [email protected] Simply type in the abbreviation from the citation and you will see a link to the online version of the series, or learn where to find it in the Law Library. Where can I find unreported judgments? You can find unreported judgments on either: Dec 08, 2015 The Law Library has a limited historical collection of South African case law in print. This includes the South African Law Reports (KTL18. A ), , which contains decisions of the South African Supreme Court, as well as decisions of the High Courts and Supreme Courts of various states and provinces, i. e. Zimbabwe, Namibia, Transkei, Bophthatswana, and Venda.south african unreported cases south african law report series with acronyms and abbreviations prior to 1947 south african law reports were published by province and courts. in 1947 the reports were amalgamated into one series, the south african law reports, with 4 volumes per year; 6 from 2002. examples of case references:

This also means that at least 46 children are raped every day and at least two children are murdered every single day in South Africa. Only 21 of child rapes cases and only one in three murder south african unreported cases Mar 10, 2017  Even more problematic findings came out of the study, one of which is a widely known problem in South Africa: a large number of rape cases go unreported, and when they are reported, little is AN INTRODUCTION TO SOUTH AFRICAN LAW REPORTS AND REPORTERS, 1828 to 1910 JP van Niekerk 1 Background Judicial decisions, as any first year law student knows, are one of the fundamental sources of our law. Yet court decisions can only effectively be a source of law if they Highlights in its history since the Centre was established in 1986 include the involvement of members of the Centre in the writing of the South African Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the contribution the Centre has made to legal education in respect of human rights on the continent through its academic programmes and research outputs. Judgments (1999 to date) of the Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa.

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