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Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria ( Nam Lolwe in Luo; Nalubaale in Luganda; Nyanza in Kinyarwanda and some Bantu languages) is one of the African Great Lakes. The lake was named after Queen Victoria by the explorer John Hanning Speke, the first Briton to document it. Speke accomplished this in 1858,Oct 26, 2011 Name three african nations that surround lake victoria. ? Did Lake Victoria have a name before it was named for the great queen? Isn't it about time they renamed the Victoria Falls something more African ? lake victoria african name

Interesting facts about Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria is one of the African Great Lakes. With a surface area of 68, 800 square kilometers (26, 600 square miles), Lake Victoria is Africas largest lake by area and the largest tropical lake in the world. Lake Victoria is the

Lake Victoria, also called Victoria Nyanza, largest lake in Africa and chief reservoir of the Nile, lying mainly in Tanzania and Uganda but bordering on Kenya. Its Victoria has an African name we should also recognise that we as other Africans had our local names. Lake Victoria had a local name before the advent of Europeans. Occasionally the names ourlake victoria african name Theo cichlid Haplochromis thereuterion is endemic to Lake Victoria. Before 1954, Lake Victoria's ecology was characterised by enormous biodiversity. It was inhabited by over 500 species of fish, 90 of which were cichlids belonging to the haplochromines.

Mar 21, 2018  Like Lake Victoria, Lake Nyasa also known as Lake Malawi is part of the African Great Lakes system. It's the thirdlargest lake in the East African Rift Valley lake victoria african name How can the answer be improved? Lake Victoria originally called Nyanza (? ) is the largest lake in Africa (69, 464 sq km, 26, 820 sq miles) lies within the boundaries of Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. It is said that it was discovered by John Hanning Speke ( ), a British explorer who accompanied Sir Richard Burton on expeditions to trace the source of the Nile. The Source of the famous Nile River, Lake Victoria is located in East Africa. Discovered by John Speke in 1858 and named after the then Queen (Victoria) who was at the reins of England that time. The lake rests between three countries namely, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Lake Victoria is an incredible attraction to see, but theres much more around the area. Read on to learn some great things to do nearby. Also known as Victoria Nyanza, Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa.

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