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2020-01-26 12:39

Een allochtoon is iemand van wie ten minste n van de ouders in het buitenland is geboren. In 1995 was nog 65 procent van de Rotterdammers autochtoon.De term allochtoon is eind 2016 vervangen door persoon met migratieachtergrond. De definitie is niet veranderd. De cijfers staan in deze tabel. verhouding allochtoon autochtoon amsterdam

Allochtoon is a Dutch word, literally meaning emerging from another soil . It is the opposite of the word autochtoon, literally meaning emerging from this soil . In the Netherlands, the term allochtoon is widely used to refer to immigrants and their descendants. Officially the term allochtoon is much more specific and referred to anyone who had at least one parent born outside the Netherlands. The antonym autochtoon

AMSTERDAM The Labour Party branch in Amsterdam has backed away from a proposal to ban the use of the term Allochtoon (immigrant, alien, foreigner) by the city council. As councillors were equally split on whether to ditch or keep the term, Labour leader Manon van der Garde decided not to Meer dan helft inwoners Amsterdam is allochtoon. Minder dan de helft van alle Amsterdammers is autochtoon.verhouding allochtoon autochtoon amsterdam Allochtoon refers to a Netherlands resident who has at least one nonDutch parent of nonWestern descent. Since my dad is a Kurd, and last time I checked they were still battling it out with other tribes and nonWestern people in the Middle East, that makes me an allochtoon.

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