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Notched ladders are used by the Dogon people to access the upper levels of granaries, climb onto the flat roofs of houses, and bridge clefts in cliffs. Though in fact used by many peoples in the southern part of West Africa, these ladders are most commonly associated with the Dogon.Nov 26, 2015 Dogon Ladders The Dogon are among the oldest surviving African cultures despite the fact that throughout their existence more powerful neighbors have threatened them. For protection, until about 300 years ago the Dogon built their villages near or in sandstone cliffs. african dogon ladder

African Dogon wood ladders, originate from Mali, West Africa. The Dogon people handcarved these ladders to access their homes built alongside sandstone cliffs. It comes with the black steel base, seen in this image, thus allowing it to be freestanding. An ideal African decor piece for any home or office space.

African Tribal Carved Wood Ladders from the Dogon Tribe, Mali (West Africa). Both with seven steps and mounted on square plinth. As pictured and noted in Ginzberg's African Forms, A utilitarian object, which Dogon people used to climb into their stacked homes My Bamana friend, who grew up close to Dogon areas of Mali, tells me that this would have been presented by the chief to a family who had contributed to the community. Large wooden ladders are utilitarian objects used by the Dogon and other peoples in West Africa.african dogon ladder Dogon Ladder. A lovely old Dogon ladder from the ex collection of Seward Kennedy. This early 20th century ladder has a stunning patina from years of use, although the Dogon are known for the large ladders to gain access to granaries and roof tops they are also used like this to get from one level to another, this has 4 treads but

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