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African Braids: 15 Stunning African Hair Braiding Styles and Pictures 1 Classic Cornrows African Braids. 2 CrissCrossed African Braids. 3 Braided Mohawk Cornrows. 4 African Braided Updo. 5 Patterned Box Braids. 6 Jumbo Coil African Braids. 7 The Janet Jackson African Braids. 8 Simple AfricanMar 25, 2017  Best natural braided black hairstyles. In this style hair is only braided on the sides and left free on the middle area. The biggest secret behind keeping your natural hair looking fabulous is deep conditioning often to keep the hair soft and oiling it at least twice a hair braids african

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Dec 23, 2015 This 101 African hair braids gallery is all about the great look, natural or with braiding weave. What we WILL do is display the best 101 African hair braiding pictures in our Black Hair OMG photo gallery. You can pick and choose the hairstyles you love (or dislike) and find the styles that you can use in the future. African American Braided Hairstyles. This is a good way to give your hair a bit of rest from washing and styling. Also, this is the best way to protect your hair from all the harmful factors of our environment. All styles for hair presented below will attract the attention and admiration of all people around you. Your friends will be amazed to see you with such a trendy hair braids african

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