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Bicentenaria Argentina was named in 2012 to commemorate the bicentenary of Argentina's May Revolution (though strictly speaking that happened 202 years ago) which led to their eventual declaration of independance from Spain (the bicentenary of which was still four years away). It also coincided with the 200th anniversary of the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences (Museo Argentino de CienciasBicentenaria argentina. Novas, Ezcurra, Agnolin, Pol& Ortiz, 2012. Klassifizierung: Coelurosauria Fortbewegung: biped Ernhrung: karnivor Deutscher Name: 200 Jahre Argentinien Im Jahr 1998 machte Ral Spedale mit zwei Freunden auf einem Angelausflug im Ezequiel Ramos Mexia Reservat in der argentinischen Provinz Ro Negro. bicentenaria argentina novas

Bicentenaria argentina Novas, Ezcurra, Agnolin, Pol& Ortz, 2012 Bicentenaria est un genre de dinosaures thropodes ayant vcu la fin du Crtac (il y a environ 90 millions d'annes) dans l' Argentine actuelle.

Bicentenaria was a carnivore. It lived in the Cretaceous period and inhabited South America. Its fossils have been found in places such as Argentina. All the Bicentenaria illustrations below were collected from the internet. Enjoy and explore: Bicentenaria argentina Novas et al. , 2012 tipo [ editar datos en Wikidata Bicentenaria argentina ( del bicentenario argentino ) es la nica especie conocida del gnero extinto Bicentenaria de dinosaurio terpodo celurosauriano, que vivi a finales del perodo Cretcico, hace aproximadamente 90 millones de aos, en el Turoniense, enbicentenaria argentina novas Bicentenaria is an interesting theropod whose remains were recovered from the Ezequiel Ramos Mexia Reservoir, Rio Negro Province, Argentina by Raul Spedale in 1998. The remains were of a concentration of disarticulated remains of many individuals, but their similarity to one another strongly suggests that they were all from the same genus of dinosaur. Of these remains there are three large left femora

Novas et al. , 2012 Bicentenaria argentina uma espcie fssil de dinossauro terpode do Cretceo Superior da Argentina. a nica espcie descrita para o gnero Bicentenaria. [ 1 Seus restos fsseis foram encontrado nas proximades do lago Ramos Mexa ao sul da provncia de Ro Negro em 1998. bicentenaria argentina novas In 1998, during a drop in the water level at Argentinas Ezequiel Ramos Mexa Reservoir, Rauel Spedale discovered and collected the disarticulated, scattered remains of several Bicentenaria Jun 12, 2012 Bicentenaria argentina, a new theropod dinosaur from Argentina Argentina has commemorated the 200th anniversary of its May revolution that led to the country independence on May 25, 2010. Two years later, paleontologists from that country announced the discovery of a new dinosaur and named it after the event, perhaps because the remains were unearthed on that day. Novas et al. , 2012 Bicentenaria is a genus of carnivorous coelurosaurian theropods which lived during the early Upper Cretaceous (about 90 million years ago) in what is now Argentina. [1 It contains only the type species, Bicentenaria argentina. Bicentenaria is a genus of carnivorous coelurosaurian theropods which lived during the early Late Cretaceous (about 90 million years ago) in what is now Argentina. It contains the type species, Bicentenaria argentina. Estimates suggest that it was 2. 5 to 3 metres (8 to 10 ft) in length.

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